Mafalda Arias and Associates assist businesses develop plans to build trust and meaningfully engage with communities and stakeholders. Our intercultural services complement leadership development programs and social responsibility initiatives. Each circumstance, client and individual is unique and merits special attention. 
Services include:

• General intercultural programs
• Custom intercultural training programs 
• Intercultural audits, coaching, diagnostics, strategies and planning
• Intercultural assessment tools
• Personnel relocation programs

Why are these services important?

Intercultural competence is acquired through education, training, reflection, coaching and constant learning, either with general or specific culture knowledge. In addition, cultural competence and cultural intelligence entail developing interpersonal skills, observing, listening and negotiating. Through awareness, and mastering these concepts, you will develop cultural wisdom and will be equipped with additional knowledge and skills that will help you better understand individuals and organizations, which will allow you to relate on a deeper level and build more effective relationships with all stakeholders, in particular with respect to the management of global projects.

Understanding your individual or corporate identity will help you comprehend how your perceptions are developed and you will start to know, recognize, and ultimately learn to interpret various work situations from a different perspective. This analytical approach will help set the foundation upon which solid business relationships are formed.

Identity, experiences, values and beliefs are invisible commodities. To be a profitable and responsible corporation, it is necessary to go beyond first impressions and develop intercultural sensitivity and competency as an innovative competitive advantage.
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